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Kotlenik promet
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Since 1990

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Animal feed plant

Kotlenik promet has its own animal feed plant, popularly called “The feed mixing plant ", which employs 15 workers. The plant is located on the slopes of mountain Kotlenik in Donji Lađevci, and it produces animal feed for its own needs - feeding cattle and fattening pigs. The plant’s capacity is 35,000 kg per shift. This mixing plant, under the strict supervision of technologists and by using verified recipes, produces feed which guarantees an optimal growth and quality of beef cattle. We are overly committed to your satisfaction and our consistency in quality, therefore we grow our own crops for feeding cattle and pigs on 200 acres of land , by using modern machinery and agro-technical measures and by applying new technology in the cultivation of these crops, and  providing adequate professional and sanitary supervision by appropriate authorities.

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