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Fattening farms

Kotlenik promet has its own farm for breeding and fattening cattle and pigs, that employs 25 workers, 8 of which are veterinarians.  Beef cattle production is organized in our own farm, located in the village Bresnica, municipality of Čačak, and in cooperation with individual farmers. The farm’s annual capacity is 500 heads of cattle, while the possibilities for organization of the services of cattle fattening with subcontractors are unlimited and are measured in thousands of heads. Over 2800 heads of cattle are currently in over 90 registered facilities which belong to our subcontractors and are located in Kraljevo, Čačak, Užice and Požega. These animals belong to the so called “basic herd” owned by Kotlenik promet.

Pig farms in Obrva, municipality of Kraljevo and Bečanj, municipality of Čačak, comprised of  9 buildings with a complete infrastructure, provide annual capacity of 12000 pigs. These farms have been the shining example of an excellent quality, good management and one of the few examples of a successful privatization. First-class quality meat, produced on our farms, is the result of an enduring work on improving the genetic material, controlling insemination and animal health care, under the watchful eye of our veterinary services, in cooperation with experts and appropriate authorities.

Fresh pork and beef meat and meat products made from animals from our farms, located in untouched nature, have become recognized items and synonyms for healthy food. This has been confirmed by growing satisfaction of our loyal customers in Serbia, many of which are state and public institutions, but also customers from abroad, where high quality baby beef meat is being exported.
Due to increased market demands and production volume, Kotlenik promet plans to expand the capacity of the existing farms and build modern facilities for fattening cattle in Bresnica, with the capacity of 1000 heads of cattle, and 2 farms for fattening pigs in Bečanj, with the capacity of 2000 pigs.

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