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Kotlenik promet
36204 Ladjevci, Serbia
Since 1990

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Kotlenik promet, a limited liability company for production and trade from Lađevci, was founded in early 1990s as a private company engaged in producing and processing meat. The company is situated near the regional Belgrade-Kraljevo highway, known as the Ibar highway, 13 km away from Kraljevo, on the slopes of mountain Kotlenik.

Kotlenik promet began as a small scale manufacturing plant and, in time, it has developed into a reputable company with its own tanneries, slaughterhouse and meat processing plant with fully developed retail network -- in other words, the company provides everything from production and processing to wholesale distribution. The veterinary service was established within the company for the purpose of preventive care, treatment of disease, and production of healthy beef cattle.

At this point, Kotlenik promet has animal feed plant in Donji Lađevci, cattle and pig breeding farms, more specifically, pig farms in the village of Obrva, municipality of Kraljevo, and in the village of Bečanj, municipality of Čačak, and cattle farms in the village of Bresnica, municipality of Čačak. Also, the company has facilities for the production of fresh meat and meat products in Lađevci, municipality of Kraljevo, and distribution centers in 23 retail stores across Serbia.

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