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Since 1990

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Meat processing facility

The entire production process in Kotlenik promet rests on a slaughterhouse and meat processing facility, which employs 50 workers. The industrial production system of our slaughterhouse is located in Lađevci, on the slopes of mountain Kotlenik.
Slaughterhouse facility meets the legal requirements on paperwork for a registered facility of 30 heads of cattle, 80 pigs and 50 sheep per day kill, 300 kg of meat cut and  3200 kg of meat items produced per day. The facility is well-equipped with high-tech slaughter and production lines, cutting and further processing lines and modern refrigeration units and chambers for final products.
A wide range of finished products produced according to the traditional recipes of old masters, and dried and smoked using traditional technology, make Kotlenik promet recognizable locally, throughout Serbia and even abroad. Challenging market and our desire to please the customer led us to the use of high technology and certain standards in production, as well as contemporary design of our final product packaging.

Current production capacity of our slaughterhouse  enables us to achieve intended production volume for the supply of retail network and wholesale customers. Volume of our production is in constant growth, therefore the company is continuously  investing in maintenance, expansion and modernization of existing production capacity and employment of professional staff.

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