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Since 1990

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Some would readily disagree with renaming the butcheries meat boutiques, justifying their point of view with the necessity to keep our tradition alive and, therefore, not to invent new terms for something that has existed in Serbia for centuries and has symbolized quality, friendly and good neighborly relations between the buyer and the seller ever since. However, when it comes to Kotlenik promet, it is simply impossible for our butcheries to be called only that -- butcheries.

The combination of modern technology and equipment and the spirit and knowledge of the old Serbian merchants, who will always meet their neighbors’ needs, is the secret of our success. We now have 23 retail stores in Kraljevo, Kragujevac, Belgrade, Vrnjačka Banja, Kruševac, Čačak and Gornji Milanovac.
Kotlenik promet has a fully developed retail network and wholesale distribution. Our transportation vehicles are well equipped with modern cooling devices. We have gained the confidence of our loyal customers in our retail stores, that have become their only choice for buying meat.
Due to such impeccable reputation, even numerous kindergartens, pupils and students' homes, hospitals, clinical centers, and other state and public institutions purchase our products every day. This is a credible confirmation that the products of Kotlenik promet  meet the needs of the widest range of citizens, from the youngest to those in need of a quick recovery and good health.

Our products, especially high quality baby beef meat, have found their place in the demanding international market and become a recognized product that many of our consumers, both in Serbia and abroad, accepted as a synonym for healthy food.

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