Pizza ham

The combination of local raw materials and modern technology has contributed to the fact that this product is well...
Kotlenik toast cutlet

Mixture of high quality beef and pork meat of specific texture. Favorite among fast, but quality food devotees.
Kotlenik beef salami

Made from high quality domestic beef with the addition of traditional spices. An excellent source of high...
Kotlenik sausage

This product, made from high quality beef and pork meat mixed with spices from local area, has...
Spicy sausage

Made from the finest beef meet. The distinct bitter flavor comes from hot pepper and...
Čuga's sausage

Top quality, highly nutritional delicacy produced according to the traditional recipes of old masters, from...

Perfect for sandwiches and cold appetizers.
Grill sausage

Spicy and rich in taste and, as its name suggests, perfect for grilling.

This Italian deli is also included in the Kotlenik promet’s range of products, at the request of our...

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