Smoked pork meat

A traditional delicatessen. At the very first bite you can hear the crackling fire and smell the smoke.
Smoked rump steak

The smell and taste of smoke and its rich red color make this quality domestic product exceptional. Bon...
Smoked pork tenderloin

The Queen of your table, overwhelms all your senses with its opulent taste and smell. Perfect for appetizers.
Smoked pork neck

All-natural product from the slopes of Kotlenik. In combination with fine wine and good company, it is an...
Smoked pork

High quality product that evokes the long lost spirit of the mountain Kotlenik. We sincerely recommend it to all the...
Smoked products

Irresistible taste. 
Hamburg bacon

The devoted fans of this product would describe it as "the sweet bacon". Hamburg bacon made in...
Smoked beef meat

A highly renowned product that many of our consumers recognize as the synonym for healthy food.

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